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Freeview is a free digital service which can offer you over 100 channels with no monthly subscription costs. All it costs you, is the one-off price of a set top box - many televisions even have the service built-in, does your new TV have more to offer you?


If you purchase a Freeview+ box, you can even record your favourite shows and watch them back at a later date.

Some channels with Freeview can include:

  • BBC One, Two, Three, Four, News & Parliament

  • ITV 1, 2, 3, 4 & HD

  • Channel 4, Channel 4+1, E4, E4+1 & More 4

  • Five & Five USA

  • Dave

  • VIVA

  • Challenge

  • CBBC & CBeebies

  • Check the full list of channels available in your area at

Make the most of digital TV in East Lothian

Ensure you're receiving all the channels you possibly can with no monthly costs by contacting the digital TV professionals at JR TV Aerial Services in East Lothian. Free advice and quotes including 10% discount for all OAPs, students and anyone who is currently out of work.

A variety of channels and no monthly costs!

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